Friday, October 25, 2013

Never a dull moment...

It is amazing how so many people came over to Occitania this year and hired me as their private guide. Among them were people who are specialists in certain fields, and who could confirm several details of my research which I used for "White Lie". There were also several celebrities, e.g. Jeopardy show host Alex Trebek and his amazing wife Jean, and singer/songwriter/producer Corjan (photos below).

Jean and Alex Trebek in Rennes-les-Bains, July 2013

Corjan de Raaf and I, October 2013

Starting up the White Lie movie project takes a lot longer than I expected, but we're working on it. Below you can see the promo poster. It will be interesting to see how this project, which seems to have a life of its own, will develop. For instance, who will play the man on the right, Otto Rahn? Only time will tell. ;)

I don't know how many times I have been standing on top of Montségur castle, one of the locations from the book. Here I am standing on the outer wall of one of the Cathar houses. What an amazing place this is...

As I have been taking so many people to the amazing sites here in Occitania, I was able to take some really good photos when I had a moment. Among several others which were taken by clients, I would also like to share some of my favorite photos below. It is an incredible place, this realm of Oc.

Inside the tower of St. Michael in Alet-les-Bains.

The sunflowers of Coustaussa are beautiful both in flower and in seed.


The magical square with the head at the Galamus hermitage.

At our home in the woodland garden.

At the African reserve near Sigean/Narbonne. I never dreamed of being so close to wild lions and have the courage to open my window...

Queribus castle in the late October afternoon sun with dramatic clouds behind it. An incredible atmosphere!

The biggest walled medieval town in Europe, Carcassonne, with its 52 towers, never bores me, no matter how many times I visit.

Finding old Greek inscriptions in the ruins of the old monastery at Alet-les-Bains.

It's always nice when the locals start to trust you with their only key to an ancient church.

With a very honored and loved visitor, author/speaker Tim Wallace-Murphy. Our cat Babar immediately liked him. ;-)

It's always fantastic when animals let you come so close and still dare to keep their eyes closed. The French Mediterranean coast of the Camarque and the Roussillon are famous for its many flamingoes that come in from Africa.

Last but not least, an amazing detail in the windows at the St. Nazaire basilica in Carcassonne. Mary is given to Zachariah by her parents. ;-)

Keep on watching this space! I will be back with more news a.s.a.p.

From Occitania, with love... ;-)

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  1. I should play the part of Otto Rahn
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